Web Development & Design

Here is a look at a few of the most recent projects completed:

I specialize in building easy-to-use WordPress websites for users of every level so once we’re done you have all the tools you need to efficiently and easily run your website, and focus on running your business.

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Ravela Insights

Ravela Insights was rebranding their current company name along with a new website and complete re-do of their brand look and field. This was a full end-to-end build, from design/theme selection, to wireframing, and build, I did it all.  Having previously worked with Ravela Insights, I already had a feel for their style, aesthetic and customer base. Based on that information we reviewed several new options for their theme template. Once settled the wire frames were built and the site created! Together we created an experience that introduces potential, new and old customers to their multi-pricing tiered projects as well as their customer testimonials. The system created also made it easy to take on lead generation and content marketing opportunities when the time is right. See more at: http://www.ravelainsights.com/

McRea Consulting

McRea Consulting provides a range of consulting services to nonprofits and small businesses and their ask was pretty simple. A web presence, that was sleek and updated but easy enough to use for a diverse customer base. No slick sliders or fancy videos, just a simple interface where old, new and potential customers could find out more information about the services the firm offers. Originally our project together started with a small personal blog and developed into a full business website. I helped McRea Consulting find several different theme options and we settled on an easy to use option. Our work together included full website build, as well as system training and set up so the business owner could carry on managing the website herself without an ongoing contract. I’m a firm believer that WordPress is for everyone! And I am happy to include in my projects training time so clients can take what I do and build further. See more at: http://mcreaconsulting.com/

Scottish Sword & More

In dire need of an update, Scottish Sword & More got a 21st century refresher and ecommerce capability. The business Scottish Sword & Shield was a longtime family business, as time went on the business changed hands to a younger member of the family. With that meant an update. The original  Scottish Sword & Shield website was built back in 1999 (!) and unfortunately had not seen an update in 15 years. Up until 2016, the website remained as is and it served its purpose well! New owners meant new changes and shopping cart functionality. Below is a quick before and after of the website.

I helped them build a sleek and functional website with all the modern bells and whistles an ecommerce website needs to have: mobile responsiveness, an interactive shopping cart system (with WooCommerce), parallax formatting, and highly visual look and feel. It also came with an easy-to-use web page formatting tool to make managing the back end easier for the business owner. See more at: http://www.scottishsword.com/

Have a question about your website or something nagging you about WordPress? Shoot me your question, I might be able to help!