From restaurants, to retail, to consulting – we’ve done it all. See a number of the latest Relevity projects on our projects page.


We helped a seasonal business looking to update their website after 2 decades refresh their site, add new content and become a fully-online ecommerce retailer. The nature of their seasonal business and an outdated website meant they had limited ability to generate sales in the off-season. A theme update along with adding a WooCommerce shop means more business now than ever!


Consultants are always better at working on their clients than promoting themselves. We’ve helped multiple consultants build a professional online presence to promote themselves and showcase their work. It starts with a keen understanding of key customer audiences and their service offering. We recommend style options and themes to fit with that and fully implement along with documentation.

Storefront and Restaurants

When you’re building a restaurant you’re focused on the food. But often a good website and online presence is the gateway to foot traffic. We always say a good website should take just as much time and care as a physical location–it is your online real estate! It doesn’t have to cost the same as physical real estate though. We work with businesses to understand their needs in a website (more is not always better!) and general stylistic needs and build a system that works for them.